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Four Parishes - One Community 

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Welcome to Together As One

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Welcome, we're thrilled you're here! Together As One is a congregation of four parishes located in St. Cloud, MN. Our parishes, St. Peter, St. Joseph, St. Michael, and St. Paul, are committed to both serving you and serving Christ. While our congregations participate as four, unique parishes, we are part of one fellowship, which comes together for worship and sharing our faith.


This site serves as a single source for news, announcements, videos, and opportunities for involvement. We thank you for visiting.


Recent Videos

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Our most recent videos are below. To see all videos, click here.

Together, We Become One

We rely on your generous donations to bring our services and values to life. Your contribution benefits our entire community.

Weekend Mass Schedule:

4:30pm Saturday @ St. Michael

7:30am Sunday @ St. Joseph / English

9:00am Sunday @ St. Joseph / Latin

9:00am Sunday @ St. Paul

10:30am Sunday @ St. Peter

11:00am Sunday @ St Joseph / Spanish

5:00pm Sunday @ St. Michael (ACC)

Weekday Mass Schedule:


St. Michael: Rosary 7:30am, Mass 8am


St. Michael: Rosary 7:30am, Mass 8am, Adoration 8:30am

St. Peter: Mass 8:15am, Adoration 3pm


St. Michael: Rosary 7:30am, Mass 8am

St. Paul: Mass 8:15am


St. Joseph: Rosary 7:30am, Mass 8am, Adoration 4pm

St. Peter: Confession 7:45am, Mass: 8:15am


St. Joseph: Rosary 7:30am, Mass 8am, Adoration 4pm

St. Paul: Confession 7:45am, Mass: 8:15am

St. Michael Confession Sat 3:30pm

St. Joseph Confession & Rosary Sun 7am, 8:30am