Week of May 2, 2021

A Note From Fr. Timothy

Planting the Seeds of Faith

Spring is a time of new life and new beginnings. In coinciding with the Easter season (at least here on the northern hemisphere), it gives us a glimpse of the hope and joy in the Resurrection. This is perhaps my favorite time of year as we get to watch the world around us spring to life. Watching the trees bud and hearing the songbirds sing always helps lift the spirit in rejoicing over the gifts of creation.

We get the opportunity to participate in that gift during this time as well. When we plant seeds in a garden or transplant new bulbs or trees, we share in some small way in that work of new life. While it is true that plants would grow without us, our work is structured to a different end. Many of the plants we grow are ones that bear fruit or add beauty to the landscape for us to enjoy. We incorporate a plan or a goal that brings a type of order to what would otherwise be chaos.

Maybe you can see a connection to evangelization and spreading the seeds of faith. It is true that people will be able to go about their lives without knowing Jesus Christ, but by helping to plant the seeds of faith in their hearts through personal witness brings a new life to the soul. Faith in Christ and in the Resurrection brings truth and order to what would otherwise be chaos and anarchy. Without faith, if we do not order our lives to the goal of heaven, we will live only for ourselves. Everyone living only for themselves is basically the definition of anarchy. The truth of the resurrection sets us free from sin and selfishness to live life anew in the communion of the Church where we share the Communion as one body in Christ.

Of course, planting seeds does not immediately yield a fully formed plant heavy with fruit. It takes time and nurturing to bring that plant to the height of growth. So too with our faith are we called to continually nourish it in the sacramental life of the Church. The Eucharist provides the sustenance we need, while Confession prunes the damaged or diseased areas that would otherwise destroy the plant.

As you plant your gardens this Spring, remember to offer your prayers to God in thanksgiving for the gift of creation and sharing it with us, and ask him to give the grace to plant seeds of faith and love in the hearts of those we meet.

Fr. Timothy Gapinski

God our Creator,

you have given us many gifts of creation and

you have asked us to care for them all.

We ask your blessing as we go forth to plant these seeds (seedlings). As we care for them, help us remember to also care for those in need; so that your love and goodness may grow in our hearts and in the hearts of all we meet. We ask this through Christ our Lord.