Week of June 27, 2021

A Note From Fr. LeRoy

You may not have noticed, but this summer I have a seminarian from the Diocese of Milwaukee staying with me at the rectory of St. Peter at the request of his Vocation Director. His name is Nicholas Dhein. Part of every seminarian's training (including mine own way back when) is before he is ordained a priest, he must take a course on Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) for one summer. This involves being part of the Pastoral Ministry Team within a hospital setting as they learn to minister to the sick, learn about themselves, and become comfortable and familiar with a hospital setting. It's all about discerning whether or not priesthood is where God is calling them.

This Summer there are 3 seminarians from St. Francis De Sales seminary in Milwaukee staying in St. Cloud and taking a CPE course at our hospital. Two are in Marmion House and one is with me at St. Pete's. Throughout the Summer, these fine young men will commute for work at the hospital until they return back to seminary this Fall. I encourage you to pray for Nick and for all seminarians, that they may truly discern God's call to serve God's People in Christ.

Finally, as most of you know, "We need to pray for rain!" I never thought I would be saying this after 15 years straight of very wet summers with rain averages of 5-9 inches per month, but this year, it seems across the country we are experiencing drought. Maybe it's God's way of reminding us of our dependence on Him. In Biblical times, water was always considered a blessing, especially in a place like the Holy Land which is relatively dry to begin with. Even now, "Water equals life!" since nothing on earth can survive without some amount of moisture so let's pray for the rains we need. Here is a prayer by Fr. Paul Virnig (St. Cloud Diocese Rural Life 1950s) that you might consider putting on your list: PRAYER FOR RAIN: "Almighty God, we are in need of rain. We realize now, looking up into the clear blue sky, what a marvel even the least drop of rain really is. To think that so much water can fall out of the sky, which is now empty and clear. We place our trust in You. We are sure that You know our needs, but You want us to ask anyway, to show You that we know we are dependent on You. Look on our dry hills and fields, dear God, and bless them with the living blessing of soft rain. Then the land will rejoice and the rivers will sing your praises, and the hearts of all will be made glad. Amen."

Peace and blessing,

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl