Week of July 4, 2021

A Note From Fr. Oswaldo

We gather to listen to the Word of God, receive communion with the body and blood of Christ and in a spiritual way as well. We are blessed by God, because we can do it freely, without persecution and without being afraid that someone will criticize us for it.

In the Old Testament, the prophets who gave testimony of God, were in many cases executed or exiled, persecuted for denouncing injustice or speaking of God's forgiveness and mercy, for those who repent.

Christ speaks in the gospel that it is difficult for a prophet to be received into his own land.

Nadie es profeta en su propia familia. Fueron momentos difíciles, porque al mismo Jesús, fue rechazado por su propia gente. El no pudo hacer milagros entre los vecinos que lo vieron crecer, solo curar alguno que creyeron el él.

A todos los que hemos recibido el bautismo, se nos ha enviado a anunciar la buena noticia de la presencia de Jesús. somo los nuevos profetas y nos enfrentamos a los nuevos sistemas de rechazos al mensaje de Dios.

The new places where we have to preach are called the media. There we will find some who believe in Jesus, who will receive comfort, peace and healing. But we will also find a lot of rejection, because there are more people who hate, reject, cancel, discriminate, or do not accept differences.

We have to preach, knowing that we are sinners, that we are not perfect, that many of us carry not one, but many thorns in our hearts, like that of Saint Paul. Let us not be afraid, Christ has conquered death and sends us to preach the truth, love, the forgiveness of sins.

Recordemos que;

1.No estamos solos, Cristo ha dicho que estará con nosotros todos los días de nuestra vida.

2.En este año de la familia, tenemos la bendición de la figura de San José, como ejemplo de fe y de humildad para imitar.

Finally, we are returning after a time of pandemic, where we have reflected on how difficult it is to separate ourselves from family, friends and neighbors. But also, how difficult it is to be without the Eucharist, which should not be an obligation, but a blessing, having Christ, who lives and reigns today, tomorrow and forever. Feliz 4 de Julio..Happy Fouth of July.

En Cristo Misionero del Padre.

Fr. Oswaldo Roche