Week of July 18, 2021

A Note From Fr. LeRoy

With the 4th of July come and gone, we find ourselves in the midst of July and Summer! Summer is a great time to 'chill-out,' to relax, and hopefully spend more time with family and friends as we leave some stress of work behind. It is not a time to take a vacation from God or attendance at church, since without God we would have none of these opportunities. Remaining faithful to our regular Sunday attendance helps us better experience and appreciate the many blessings we have!

In the spirit of Summer, then, I thought I would dedicate my Pastor's Note to something more humorous and lite. I truly believe that humor is one sign of God's Spirit at work within us. A person who has a sense of humor is able to see the irony of things. They are able to observe the same reality on many different levels and in many different ways. They have deeper insight into meaning, sometimes serious, sometimes more carefree and lite. One cannot read Scripture without the ability to understand the multiple meanings of the words used and events written about, sign or sacrament or symbol or of Jesus himself! People who have no sense of humor observe life too concretely and critically as they struggle to experience things on a higher plane. Jesus certainly spoke on numerous levels. Without ignoring the importance and seriousness of the cross, I believe our Lord also had a sense of humor and could perceive the irony of things as well. So here's to something I hope we all can enjoy.

It seems there is a church hymn for every person and occasion. Here is what I would call old-fashioned "Holy and Humorous Hymns" that might fit well with certain professions and occupations:

Dentist Hymn......"Crown Him with many Crowns."

Weatherman's Hymn......."There shall be Showers of Blessings."

Contractor's Hymn.....The Church's One Foundation"

Tailor's Hymn......."Holy, Holy, Holy."

Golfer's Hymn........"There's a Green Hill Far Away."

Politician's Hymn........"Standing on Promises."

Optometrist's Hymn........"Open my Eyes Lord"

IRS Agent's Hymn......"I Surrender All"

Gossip's Hymn......."Pass it on"

Electrician's Hymn......."Send the Light"

Shopper's Hymn......."Sweet Bye and Bye"

Realtor's Hymn......."I've got a Mansion Just Over the Hill"

Massage Therapist's Hymn......."He Touched Me"

Doctor's Hymn......"The Great Physician"

Astronomer's Hymn...."What Star is this"

Chef's Hymn....."Taste and See"

Thief's Hymn....."Steal Away to Jesus"

Bowler's Hymn...."Spare Us, Gracious Lord"

Postmaster's Hymn...."I Send You Out"

***And for those who like to speed on the highway here are a few more:

-45 mph..........."God Will Take Care of You"

-65 mph..........."Nearer My God to Thee"

-85 mph..........."This World is Not My Home"

-95 mph..........."Lord, I am Coming Home"

-100 mph........."Precious Memories"

Here's hoping you continue having a safe and enjoyable Summer! ....Peace!

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl


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