Week of January 23, 2022

A Note From Fr. LeRoy

This weekend (January 22nd) is the "Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children." For many years now the Catholic Church, other churches, and religiously affiliated organizations have fought long and hard for the legal protection of the unborn. In my mind, abortion, has been and still remains, the worse 'pandemic' of our time, sacrificing millions of baby's lives, mostly for the sake of convenience or lack of support for the mother of an unborn child. Although this message has been put forward time and time again, as followers of Christ, we need to continue to pray for a change in legislation in our country in order to give each unborn child a chance. This change in legislation will likely not occur until people also have a change of heart and so we pray that people will have greater compassion and also see through the rhetoric at hand.

We as Catholics and Christians are "Pro-life!" It's hard to argue that, yet I find it interesting that those who are for abortion or are part of the abortion industry call themselves "Pro-choice" rather than "Pro-abortion" which is what they really are instead. The word, "Pro-choice" really hides or masks the grim reality of what abortion is, a violent act to end innocent human life. Words like "my choice" or "my rights" "my body" would normally appeal to everyone. Who doesn't want choices or feel they need to have some control of their own body or some rights? The problem enters in when the so-called "Pro-choice" of one person takes away the "choice" of another, namely the unborn child. Pregnancy is a miracle that is unique in that it involves two persons in one! For this reason even those who say it is "my choice," "my body" or "my right" choose to ignore or forget that there is another perfectly living human body of a child in a mother's womb to also take into account whose "choice," "body" or "rights" are taken away because of abortion as well. The angel of darkness and death always disguises itself as an angel of light to fool others into its darkness and death.

All this said, we should never discount those who may have a difficult time bringing a pregnancy to full term either for lack of family or social support, economic reasons or because of mental health. These women and families need our help. For those who have been fooled into having an abortion, and regret it, these also need to know of God's forgiveness and reconciliation and love that comes from us! At the end of the day, only the experience of God's Love can change people's hearts. Until peace and respect for all human life is accomplished, let's continue to fight the good fight.

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl