Week of February 21, 2021

A Note From Fr. LeRoy

This week I am very pleased and excited to announce to you a new program and initiative we are offering to every member of our “Together As One” ACC Parishes. It’s called “Word on Fire: Engage!”Word on Fire: Engage” is an evangelization tool designed to reach those who have always participated in our parish life and are seeking to deepen their faith as well as those who are nominally involved or might otherwise be on the fringes to whom we seek to be more engaged and connected with us.

Each year (as you recall) during Lent, our parishes have tried to offer a program that will enrich our member’s by helping them grow in their understanding of the Church and their relationship with Jesus Christ. Last year, we offered “Catholicism” a DVD series by Bishop Robert Barron which was cut short when the Covid-19 Pandemic set in. With the Covid Pandemic still affecting our lives and entering into its second year, this had made it nearly impossible for people to come back to church due to health reasons and be involved. It has also distanced those who may be more on the edges of their Catholic Faith life, making them even more disengaged from us. This is where “Word on Fire: Engage” comes in!

It’s a virtual program that uses a parish-based platform called “Flocknotes” to send messages to every parish member all at once! “Word on Fire: Engage” then, consists of thought provoking inspirational messages that will be sent directly either through their cell phone or email accounts. Once signed up each member will have the opportunity to receive daily prayers, meditations, and/or weekly video talks produced by Bishop Robert Barron to help them grow, be more engaged, and learn more about the wonderful gift of our Catholic Faith in Christ. Once you are signed in, you won’t have to sign-in again. It is set up so you can choose to be notified to receive weekly (and even daily notifications) to watch or check out what’s new on a specific topic as you draw closer to Christ.

If you have not done so already this weekend during one of our Masses, you will still be able to sign up for this program at your fingertips. Simply pick up your cell phone and open your Text messages. Type 84576 in the phone number space. After this type the letters TAOACC (stands for “Together As One” ACC) in the message box and press ‘Send.’ Click on the underlined link to sign up and follow the directions from there. You only have to sign up once and you are in! It is safe and secure. You will then receive those regular inspirational messages during Lent we talked about. My hope is to get as many people on board as possible. We also hope this “Word on Fire: Engage” program will continue way past Lent for at least the coming year to help keep us all connected as one body in Christ

In a time when we need to meet people where they are at and even use technology to reach out and bring our Catholic Faith and the Gospel to them, we have a great opportunity to bring the Good News to them in new and exciting ways, to help re-engage those who might otherwise not be contacted or touched. I encourage everyone to consider being part of us and incorporate this as part of your Lenten journey and observance. Until then, may we all grow in the love of God and the peace of Jesus Christ this Lent!

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl