Together As One Social Justice Activities and Invitations to Service

This week’s Social Justice column is written by Patty Keeling, a member of our ACC Social Justice committee and a parishioner at St. Joseph’s Church in Waite Park. Patty provides us with information about the faith-based organization Fe Y Justicia (Faith and Justice), and how the organization’s work supports one of the themes of Catholic Social Teaching (CST). Patty also provides resources for you to learn more, and to make your voice heard regarding current legislation in support of immigrants. The Minnesota Catholic Conference lists the following description of one of the seven themes of Catholic Social Teaching: RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES - Every person has a fundamental right to life-- the right to make all other rights possible. Each person also has a right to the conditions for living a decent life-- food, health care, housing, education and employment. We have a corresponding duty to secure and respect these rights for others and to fulfill our responsibilities to our families, to each other and to our larger society. Fe y Justicia/Faith and Justice (formally Assembly of Civil Rights) is a faith-based organization which has grown from our Latinx community of St Joseph to offer education and support to immigrants by building relationships in our community and state. They strive to bring justice by providing kindness and compassion to immigrants throughout Central Minnesota. They work nationally with FIRM (Fair Immigration Reform Movement). Excellent information can be found at their website: Members of Fe y Justicia have worked throughout the pandemic to provide free monthly health clinics at St Joseph, provided much needed food supply and rent with funding from a statewide effort of donations, worked with the meatpacking plants of Melrose and Cold Spring to correct injustices, provided support to asylum seekers, to families separated by deportation, and to the Stearns County Community Sheriff Agreement. Action Steps - How can you help? Contact your MN Senator and Representative (www. to support these bills by phoning or emailing. Drivers License For All - HF 1163 Mobile Home Parks- HF 112 Meat Packing Employees Bill- HF 800 Ethnic Studies Bill- HF 704 Minnesota Care Eligibility Bill- HF 11 At the Federal level, we are pushing Freedom For All 11 million with the first push for Essential Workers Bill presented Feb 23, HR 6 Want to learn more? Please contact Patty Keeling @320-230-0635