On Becoming a Saint...

November is the Month of Remembrance. One of the great things about being Catholic is our traditions and our music and our prayers. All of that comes together in an extraordinary way each year in November. The whole month is an interesting time filled with the feast days of great saints, but also subtle portents of eternity. I think of one of my favorite quotes on the subject of Sainthood, and the struggle to become a Saint,,,

“Do not think that you have to be in personal contact with a sinful world in order to do it good. The most powerful influences are the invisible ones. You can save a sinner in India, give courage to a leper in Africa, console the bereaved in Vietnam by offering your cross. You can be like the clouds that gather up moisture from one body of water, and then transport it over mountain heights, letting it fall as gentle dew on distant parched lands. When a trail or difficulty, a sorrow or cross comes into your life, remember that you are like a child practicing a new lesson. As the child in the first grade is on his way to being a great musician, a linguist, a scientist, so you under the guidance of the Divine Teacher are on the way to being a saint, for then you shall be flooded with the joy that no one can take from you.” Archbishop Fulton Sheen