Together As One

It was good to see parishioners coming out to celebrate the Eucharist this last Sunday. In opening up the churches with COVID-19, there are restrictions and guidelines put together for our safety. Here is the link if you are interested in it.

Confirmation Orientation for Grade 9

Families with a student who recently completed grade nine will be receiving letters explaining instructions for attending a Confirmation Orientation session via Zoom. Orientations will be held with groups of 10 or fewer students and their parents. Attending one of these meetings is mandatory for Confirmation registration. For questions, please call or text Lisa at 320-281-9541.

SPIRITUAL ADOPTION: Thank you everyone for continuing to pray for our Spiritually Adopted babies. They are now 2 months old and about 2 inches long. They are making progress, developing all of their external feature and internal organs. Everything needed to survive once our babies are born is already present by the end of their 8th week. The babies will continue to grow and refine their bodies.

Please continue to pray for our Spiritually Adopted babies!! THANK YOU!!

St. Joseph & St. Michael

Red Cross Blood Drive: There will be a Blood Drive on Monday, July 6 from 1-7 pm. Please mark your calendars. Call Marguerite Krey for an appointment time at 252-5613. Guidelines and more information will be coming out soon.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament will be held on Tuesdays at St. Michael’s Church. Anyone is welcome to attend with the appropriate social distancing required. Thank you for your cooperation.

Congratulations to Ann & Ray Maresh who celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary at St. Michael’s Church on Saturday, June 6th. May the blessing of the Lord shower you with love, peace and kindness and many more years.

We would like to say “Welcome Back” to Michael & Alice Mueller who joined St. Michael’s Church. We are grateful for your presence in our community.

Congratulations to Brady Keller, who was ordained to the priesthood this past Saturday. Know that you are in our prayers. Please join Fr. Brady Keller as he offers a Mass on Saturday, June 13 at 4:30 pm at St. Michael’s Church. Let’s show him our gratitude on his accomplishment.

St. Peter & St. Paul

We did not have a member meeting in May or June with the pandemic but we are holding virtual officer meetings to take care of our council business. We do not have member meetings July or August. Please contact Tom Winkelman at (320) 202-0609 with any concerns or questions at this time.

Congratulations to our three new priests ordained this Saturday especially Father Patrick Hoeft who our council has supported with our donations and prayers for the last four years. We are also supporting two other seminarians at this time.

A quick update on our successful Ultrasound Initiative fundraiser for the Pregnancy Resource Center. They have ordered both machines and they should be here in a few weeks. They continue to do ultrasounds with their current machine and provide support for their clients.

We can now initiate new members online. You can go to the website to sign up OR for more information call Conrad Meier at (30) 260-6945.