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Your charity allows us to continue God's work of loving thy neighbor. Every dollar enables us to celebrate all that God does for us. We're grateful to you for nurturing your Catholic faith and growing in your relationship with Jesus Christ. Together, we are one. We thank you for your partnership!

All donations are tax-deductible.

Giving Options

Donate Online

Donating online is easy! Simply fill out our donation form, select the amount you'd like to give, and your donation be will automatically sent to our PayPal account. Fill out our online donation form here.

Donate via Check

To donate via check, please mail a check to our welcome office. Make the check out to the church you’d like your donation to go to. Please include your envelop number (if you have one) on the memo line. Donations for St. Peter or St. Paul: mail your check to the St. Paul office: 1125 11th Ave N Saint Cloud, MN 56303 Donations for St. Joseph and St. Michael: mail your check to the St. Michael office: 1036 County Road #4 Saint Cloud, MN 56303 Please note: at this time, checks must be mailed. Due to the stay-at-home reccomendations, we are not accepting checks in-person.

Monthly Electronic Contribution

Monthly electronic contributions are automatically withdrawn from your provided bank account. You can designate the amount you'd like to donate on a re-occuring basis, as well as the church you'd like to give to. To give via automatic bank withdrawls, please click here and fill out our form.